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OutServe Magazine | August 12, 2013

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Fashion: A Casual Affair

Fashion: A Casual Affair
Joshua Ladner

With the publication of this article, OutServe Magazine launches its new Fashion and Beauty section by a new member of the OutServe Magazine volunteer team: style expert, Joshua Ladner.

Social events in the military happen like clockwork and there can be wide interpretation when it comes to what to wear at a “casual” event. What is correct to wear for a Commander or General? What is unacceptable?

Casual for a civilian is relaxed and unconcerned, but when it comes to a service member, it’s the total opposite. It is always best to dress for the job you want and not necessarily for the job you already have. First impressions are everything. Jeans are NOT an option, so let’s get that out in the open.

Here are a couple ideas to go for when dressing for a “casual” event. Keep it clean and crisp. Fall is about prints and bold statements. Polo tops and button up shirts will keep your style looking professional.

When in uniform, service members are one and united. Always remember to embrace your personal style when out of uniform. Be bold and stand out. You never know who you might run into.

The Dos

Revive your style and keep it fresh with a striped Polo by Armani Exchange
Keeping your style lightweight and laid back will put you on top.
Outfit by Alfani at Macy’s
Show your fit body and tailored silhouette with this new modern fit by Gap
Slim fit shows off all the hard work at the gym.
Pants by Armani Exchange
Keeping it classic is a great and easy way to have
the best style. Chinos by Gap


The Don’t

Keep acid washed jeans and printed tees for the bar. There is such a thing as too casual.


A great pick for a casual bar night just not right for a casual work event. Armani Exchange
Jeans are casual and comfortable, not professional