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OutServe Magazine | October 5, 2013

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Fashion: Trending Hairstyles in Uniform

Fashion: Trending Hairstyles in Uniform
Joshua Ladner

By Joshua Ladner, Style Editor

When you hit basic and give your life to over becoming a service member, your personal style may rest on the back burner, getting into the same old high and tight and basic bun. While these styles are easy to maintain and quick to achieve, they hardly let your personal style show through.

For men in the military, hair is the main accessory to embrace your individuality.

Men’s hair cutting is in the main stream and the “mad men” style is huge for Fall and Winter. Tweak it slightly to meet regulations by adding a nice skin taper and having the fade move quickly and sharply up your head; just ask for a “skin to 4” fade.

Another trending look will give you maximum texture and movement. To accomplish this look, focus on a clean and crisp fade and have your nape tapered. Finish it with a basic number two fade on the sides and a scissor cut on top.

To make your hair stand out and add much needed sharpness, ask for an edge. This seals the deal and adds structure to your style.

Finish up your new and improved haircut with take home products that will keep you looking fresh everyday.

For women in the military, you’re looking for more style and individuality. What better way than adding braided hair styles to your daily routine?

It can be as simple as a French braid all the way back or a braided fringe. Be sure to tuck under the ends of the braided style because the ends can’t be expose and also remember your bun cannot exceed 3 inches in bulk. Keep your style conservative; the braids should lie snugly on the head to get this red carpet look in uniform.

Frame your face by braiding your fringe into a perfect bun. Adding a finishing spray will lock down the frizz and fly a ways while keeping your hairstyle looking fresh and full of shine all day long.

Prep your hair with a gloss, to add shine and structure to your hair. Consider adding twists and braids together. Be creative because your personal style matters.

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