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OutServe Magazine | January 19, 2015

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Join Our Team!

Join Our Team!

Angelina Leger | On 24, Jan 2013

We need you. Yes, you. The person reading this right now. We need your talents and your passion for change. We need your vision, your service and your time.


While we don’t offer money and we strive for the highest levels of commitment and professionalism, we are a fantastic team to work with. We have grown so much since our first issue  and continue to do so. Being a part of OutServe Magazine will offer you invaluable experience that can help grow your future success. We drive conversations in the military and across America, and you’ll be the reason why. Get in on this and make your mark.

So if you’re a writer, a photographer, a graphic designer, a thinker, a seller, a techie or a business person, your chance to help make change happen is now.

Send your resumé to and get plugged in.

Positions available:
-Associate Editors
-Graphic Designers
-Web Developers
-Advertising Account Executives
-Adminitrative Assistants