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OutServe Magazine | June 2, 2014

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Tangled Up In Blue

Tangled Up In Blue
Joshua Ladner

Denim, an American tradition since the beginning of our culture, built for the rough and tough, giving comfort and structure to the building of our nation. When I hear denim, the Levi’s company is the first one that pops in my mind.

The Levi’s company was founded in 1853 by Levi Strauss, the creator of working dungarees. With 470 company-operated stores and over 16,200 employees, Levi’s leads the market and sets the trends for denim. While the style of denim comes and goes with the times, acid washed, stone washed, loose fit, skinnies, and more, jeans and denim are timeless. We find ourselves tangled up in blue.

What type of denim are you? Let’s explore the different options and what each may say about your personality. Relaxed fit, skinny jeans or boot cut?

Relaxed fit: the perfect pick for your laid back, care free guy or chick, easy going with a lawn chair and a cold beer in hand.

Skinny jeans: trendsetter and sometimes up tight. Could we blame you? You’re not afraid to show off the curves. Hit a coffee shop or trendy boutique with style and confidence.

Boot cut: you’re preppy and most likely a jock or a cowboy. These provide great comfort for sports and activities outdoors like tailgating or roping in your cattle. They give you perfect room when throwing the football at a picnic or attending a neighborhood BBQ.


Denim trends have a lot of option and can get overwhelming if you are not a fan of shopping or looking to try new styles. Let’s begin with the basics, the color hues. After we pick our favorite tones, then we can experiment with the hottest trends.

A quick tip to finding your perfect blue, look at the vain in your arms, that tone is the color you should choose.
Color Hues: Light washed to deep purple. Pick what hits your eye




Adding color will create dramatic effect to your personal style
Pop of Color: A huge trend that is big is colorful denim. Be brave and step outside the box. A pop of color adds flair

This trend is a MUST: get creative and be brave, mix different hues and textures of denim
Denim on Denim: Do not be afraid of mixing denim. It is one of the hottest trends right now. Mixing different color hues and textures of denim will keep it interesting and fun.

A more trendier look for denim, ripped and creased will add a rocker flair to your personal style
Ripped & Creased: Ripped denim adds a rugged flair to your outfit and creases are for the well-polished trendsetters. Play up on options and have fun with your selections.