Letters from Home

We’ve received several letters from our service members who have shared with us their concerns about coming out to their friends and families – a fear of rejection and humiliation is often the reason that some gay service members still feel hesitant about being honest and open with their families and closest friends.

Why not show them how much you care about your gay service member? It might just give them the encouragement they need to take that step!

In the upcoming issues of OutServe Magazine, we’ll be featuring letters of support from straight friends and family members to their LGBT service members. E-mail news@outserve.org with a letter to your own service member – we’ll feature it in an upcoming issue!While not every service member has had a positive experience with coming out to those closest to them, a lot of other service members have. And while we can’t always change every single heart and mind, it is our hope that by seeing these letters of encouragement, our gay soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard will draw inspiration from these letters and find the courage to make that next step in their own lives.

We are going to effect change in America, but we need all hands on deck. Will you accept this challenge and show your love and support for your gay service member? E-mail news@outserve.org with a letter to your gay son, daughter, brother, sister, mom, dad or friend. We’ll share your letters and feature as many as we can in the upcoming issues of OutServe Magazine!

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