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OutServe Magazine | February 19, 2015

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About Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills, an Air Force communications technician, is the founder and former publisher of OutServe Magazine, and is stationed in Washington, D.C. His blog posts focus on organizational perspectives and highlight open service and equality in the Armed Forces.

Posts By Jonathan Mills

Air Force Issues New LGBT Guidance to Chaplains

September 3, 2013 |

The chaplain’s memo seems to begin and end with a commitment to honoring LGBT service members and their families…yet some of the guidance issued seems to alienate some LGBT couples based on the sole discretion of various endorsing agencies.Read More

Cover Story: Allyson Robinson

December 3, 2012 | Comments
Allyson Robinson, her wife Danyelle and their four children at their home in Maryland. Photo taken by Jo Ann Santangelo for her multimedia essay, Proud to Serve: Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Veterans.

“We need to continue to press for equity of benefits for all of our service members … Many of these benefits can be given with the stroke of a pen, right now.”Read More

OutServe-SLDN Taps Trans Veteran as Executive Director

October 25, 2012 | Comments

Activist and veteran Allyson Robinson will be the new executive director of OutServe-SLDN, the newly combined organization announced today as they kicked off their annual conference here.Read More

How Can One Person Make a Difference?

October 4, 2012 |

By Jonathan Mills, Publisher

Our magazine has come a long way in the past year. We’ve added five new sections, welcomed 32 people to our team, and we have gone from 10,000 views of our first issue to more than 50,000 views of our most recent.

This hasn’t happened without tremendous financial support from OutServe and donations from individuals Read More

LIVE Coverage from Intrepid

September 18, 2012 |

Follow @OutServeMag on Twitter for live coverage of the one-year anniversary celebration of the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City tonight, Sept. 18th. “Celebrating Our Heroes: A Tribute to America’s Service Members and Veterans” is sponsored by Servicemembers Legal Defense Network Read More

Admiral Michael Mullen: Legacy of Integrity

September 12, 2012 | Comments

By Jonathan Mills

Just two months after then-Lt. Michael Mullen took his first command, he crashed the USS Noxubee, a gasoline tanker with 100 sailors aboard, into a buoy along the Thimble Shoals Channel in the lower Chesapeake Bay—a massive failure, a misjudgment that was “attributed to his youth and lack of experience.”

If his 48-year Read More

Sending Mountain Lion to Basic Training

July 31, 2012 | Comments

“So, how do we whip this bad boy into shape? This ain’t a summer camp where you get to play capture the flag and then roast s’mores at night. This is the military. We are at war. And we fight it with our CAC cards. So, Trainee Mountain Lion, drop and give me five. Minutes. Because that’s all this will take.”Read More

Letter from the Editor

July 27, 2012 |
Jonathan Mills, Publisher

July has been an exciting—and busy—month for LGBT military professionals. We marched openly in gay Pride parades around the country. Our Secretary of Defense publicly thanked us for our decades of military service. Our President invited us to the White House to celebrate the proclaimed Pride month. With the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” came a new era of openness, integrity, and immense pride in our service.Read More

Send Your Congress Member Our Magazine

June 4, 2012 | Comments

Add your voice of support to the national conversation. Send a copy of the latest OutServe Magazine “Families” edition to your congress members.Read More

Friendly Fire: Who’s Really Undermining Marriage?

February 24, 2012 | Comments
Jonathan Mills, Publisher

By Jonathan Mills

Once on the forefront of the civil rights movement, ironicially, many black pastors now find themselves on the other side of the struggle in the movement for marriage equality. To many, this would seem perplexing, and, to a certain extent, hypocritical for obvious reasons. While heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr. passionately argued that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” people like Nathaniel Thomas justify their about-face on civil rights by arguing that we are “…redefining something that is in the Bible and in our principles as one man and one woman.” (WashPo)

Coincidentally, this is the very same argument that was used to justify racial discrimination and, even earlier, slavery. In fact, plucked straight from Matthew 24:45-46, “Blessed is that slave whom his master will find at work when he arrives.” So, there’s that…

Read More