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R. Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans, was a diplomat in the Bush administration and a combat veteran of the Iraq campaign. Cooper is a U.S. Army Reserve captain at Fort Meade, Md., and is a member of OutServe. He writes for the OutServe blog, providing perspectives from behind the scenes in Washington. (Twitter: @RClarkeCooper) (Facebook:

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Op-Ed: Romney Needs to be Battle-Focused in November

Op-Ed: Romney Needs to be Battle-Focused in November

By R. Clarke Cooper

I totally get what Romney is doing before Super Tuesday.  Any candidate running for their party’s presidential nomination has to appeal to their base before they can begin focusing on winning the general election. Unfortunately for Republicans, some of the current GOP presidential candidates don’t seem to get that the way to win the base in 2012 isn’t social conservatism, and that swinging hard to the right on issues a) won’t fire up Republicans, b) risks alienating moderate and independent voters, and c) ultimately weakens any candidate against Obama by handing Democrats ‘flip-flopper’ to use as a weapon.

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